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Types of Shower Systems



Do you need a new shower?  Something you can relax in?  A place where you can shed the worries of the day?  Then consider the latest innovation in custom enclosure shower systems to enjoy some of the most luxurious looks at a price you an easily afford. 

There are so many unique custom showers and options that you will be easily inspired by virtually endless possibilities of designs.  Learn how to buy a shower and breathe new life into your bathroom. 

Body Spa Shower Systems

One of the most innovative shower designs is a body spa system.  And really, the idea is so advanced it's simple.  If you choose this kind of shower then you will be getting much more than hydro-massage.  What you can expect is a water revolution fueled by the ingenuity of hydro power giving you a dynamic bathing experience. 

In essence, body spas are the ultimate in personal care.  Whirlpool jets are arranged vertically in a shower enclosure, propelling water through the air, putting you in the direct path of the force of the body jets. 

Go all out and get an electronic touch pad installed to easily reach and adjust the direction and intensity of the water flow so that you enjoy the highest and best level of massage action.  Look for ergonomically engineered body spa systems to raise your comfort level even higher. 

Add lumbar supports, headrests, seats, jets, and footrests exactly where you want.  Most body spa systems come equipped with integral heaters so that the original water temperature is maintained throughout the entire hydro massage experience. 

Steam Shower Systems

Fact is, there is nothing more relaxing, more comforting, and more rejuvenating than a steam shower system.  You can choose from either a standard or more customized steam solution.  With hundreds of luxurious designs, you can create the kind of shower that works wonders.  Steam shower benefits include easing joint pain and stiffness, alleviating stress, relieving muscle tension and pain and even helping to build your immune system.

Combine your custom steam shower with a multifunction body spray shower system.  A body spray shower head will give you a lifetime of satisfaction as well as adding function, convenience and versatility for all types of showering environment. 

Shower body sprays and faucets can be adjusted to direct generous amounts of water anywhere you need it.  Revel in a relaxing flow or a deep, enchanting pulsating massage every time you step in your shower.

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are an all important shower accessory.  The goal is to provide you with the right level of privacy and to protect your bathroom floor and vanities from splashing water.  Shower enclosures come in several different styles from sturdy glass walls to simple shower curtains, bath tub shower combination units.

Fiberglass shower enclosures are popular because they are inexpensive, and easy to install.  Many homeowners prefer tile shower enclosures since they are highly customizable.  Glass block shower enclosures are elegant, stain resistant and easy to clean, however they self-installation is not recommended.  You should go to an expert when installing a glass block shower. 

So there you have it - a detailed description of different shower systems and enclosures to upgrade your bathroom.  Hopefully it is easier now for you to determine which type of shower system will be better suited to your needs.  There's nothing quite like a refreshing shower after a long and grueling day.  A rewarding new experience awaits you.