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Small Vanity



Why a small vanity? Being able to look at ourselves from time to time isn't about being vain; in fact, it's one of the main ways we can make sure that we look our best at all times. There is definitely no shame in looking your best -- studies have long shown that when we look great, we have more confidence overall.


The good news is that making sure you always look your best really isn't difficult -- all you need is a good small vanity to get you started on the right path. The reason why a small bathroom vanity is much better than a large mirror at times is that the small vanity allows you to make last minute checks to your face and hair without having to stand in front of a larger mirror.


Another perspective to keep in mind is that every bathroom will have its own space challenges to deal with. For smaller bathrooms, adding a small vanity can really make all the difference, since you won't have to sacrifice a lot of space to still look your best.


Even larger bathrooms can benefit from a small vanity. For example, a popular bathroom feature today is the his and hers bathroom setup, where the bathroom holds two separate sinks.


A small vanity can free up space and make it easier to move around. Instead of having to bump into your partner during the morning ritual, you can let them have the main bathroom space while you take care of your hair, face, and makeup in the small vanity.


If you're looking to purchase small bathroom vanities, there are a few features you should look for in order to get the best vanity mirror possible. The best feature to look for in a more elaborate small vanity mirror is illumination.

Small bathroom vanities that have lighting incorporated will make it easier for you to really spot skin problems and small mistakes that would otherwise take away from the look you're trying to achieve.


Generally speaking, small vanities are fairly easy to install. However, there are a few things to keep in mind during the installation process to make sure you're able to get the most use out of your new vanity mirror. Be sure to secure the vanity to the wall so that it does not move -- you may want to invest in special hooks that can keep the small vanity anchored to the wall better than simple nails.


If you do decide to go with nails instead of hooks, make sure to use more nails to keep the small bathroom vanity mirror firmly in place. Even though the size of the new vanity is smaller than a full scale vanity mirror, you may still find it beneficial to ask for help.

All things considered, a small vanity can be the perfect addition to any bathroom in your home.