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Frameless Shower Doors



Are you tired of cleaning your shower doors? Hang on; there is an easy way out, and that is the frameless glass shower door. They are easy to clean and are highly stylish. Frameless shower doors can give a modern and fashionable look to your bathroom, and in addition, they provide easy maintenance.


This type of shower door is equally efficient in keeping the shower water within the bath area as are the other metal door options. They show off your bathroom flooring completely in a beautiful manner. The handles are fixed directly on the glass, which make them long lasting as compared to old fashioned metal framed shower doors.

There are number ways in which you can style your frameless shower doors. This is according to the shape and style of bath area you want. Some of the most basic styles available are – inline, right angle, sliders, pivot, and neo angle.

frameless shower doorThere are a large number of different types of glass from which you can choose for your frameless glass shower doors. Some the basic types include cascade glass, rain glass, shower guard glass, bubble glass, antique glass, glue chip glass, and acid etches glass.


There are also many benefits to using framless glass shower doors:

  • Easy to clean - Since these doors do not have crevices where soap and water can deposit, they can be cleaned easily.
  • Higher longevity - As water and soap do not get deposited, corrosion does not occur, thereby increasing the life of the door.
  • Durability- Some of these doors have tempered safety glass which makes them scratch free and durable.

Buying Considerations

  • Which way do you want the door to open? A frameless shower door typically opens both inside and outside.
  • Handles are mounted on the glass shower door. Do you prefer a pull knob, pull handle, or a combination of pull handle and towel bar?
  • Would you like to keep frameless shower door fixtures of your bathroom matching with other fixtures of your bathroom?
  • What shape would you like for shower area?
  • What type of hinges and hardware would you prefer?
  • Do you have any special needs, such as wheelchair access?
  • What size are your looking for?

  • What theme of décor are you looking to fit? 

frameless shower doorBathrooms have gained their real importance in recent years. People like designer bathrooms, but maintaining cleanliness becomes difficult in designer bathrooms. To make the cleaning process easier, frameless glass shower doors can be used, whether on your shower bathtub combo, or on a stand-alone shower.

They are designer in look and add value to your bathroom. So if you want a great look, and relief from cleaning your shower doors, install a frameless shower door today!