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Double Ended Baths



If you've ruled out bath tub shower combo unit for your bathroom, perhaps a double ended bath is for you?


A double ended bath is a type of bath that is made to accommodate two bathers. These bathers sit on opposite sides of the bath, and face each other. The faucet to the bath is usually located in the middle, within easy reach of both bathers.


Some people seek out double ended baths because they can hold two bathers at one time, while others seek them out for their sleek and stylish look. Whichever is your reason for looking into a double ended bath, you will not be disappointed.


With the range of styles out there, and with baths like this becoming less and less expensive, you can be sure that such a bath will serve your purpose perfectly.


One thing that you should take note of when shopping for a double ended bath tub is what kind of plumbing it requires. Does the tub have special hookups for the water, or does it require that faucets be run out above it for use? Whichever the case is, be sure to let your plumber know ahead of time so that he can take care of whatever you need.


Doubled ended baths are not difficult to install, but you and your plumber do need to be on the same page so that you can be sure to get it installed correctly and with as little trouble as possible. You can even make a double ended bath into a shower with a few accessories; you need a curtain rod, a curtain, and the appropriate fixtures. You also need to run whatever plumbing will be necessary. However, once you have taken care of these things, a shower is definitely within the realm of possibility.


A double ended tub can be very luxurious, especially for couples who enjoy bathing together. They often provide plenty of room to stretch out in, making them a lot more comfortable than regular baths. Regular baths are not hardly big enough for one person, let alone two! Some bathers who are especially tall also buy double ended baths because of their length, even if they do not plan on bathing with a partner. The extra comfort that comes with the extra room is more than worth it.


If you have often wished that you had more bathing room, then you should seriously consider buying a double ended bath. These baths are so luxurious and stylish nowadays that it will completely rejuvenate the look of your bathroom. If your bathroom is large enough to hold such a bath, then why not get one? They are not that expensive, and they are simple to hook up. A plumber could have it done for you in no time at all! Have the bathroom that you have always wanted, and get a double ended bath today.


Life is too short to try to make due with a tiny little bath tub. Why not get clean in a tub that is going to hold enough water to actually make you comfortable? If true comfort and luxury is what you desire during bath-time, then deciding to try out one of these could be one of the best decisions you ever make.