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Corner Shower Curtain Rods



Sometimes there just isn't enough space or room to hang your shower curtain rod parallel to the bathroom walls. Or, depending on the way your bathtub or shower is angled, a standard shower curtain may not fit the bill in terms of how it protects the area.


A corner shower curtain rod will allow you to angle a shower curtain at a ninety degree angle at the edge of the tub so that the corners of your existing shower or your angled shower or tub can be protected and the floor can stay dry.

corner shower curtain rodSome bathtubs do not occupy an entire wall's worth of space and at the head or foot of the tub is either a sink or a toilet. It would of course be impossible to hang a shower curtain the entire length of the wall and tub that blocks the sink or toilet in the remaining space.


Corner shower curtain rods accommodate bathtubs that are in this precarious situation by bolting themselves to the wall parallel to the bathtub and perpendicular to the end of the tub. This allows for an angular corner pole to be installed that will let you keep that space at the end of your tub for your toilet or sink and still protect your privacy while taking a shower. But most importantly, a shower curtain helps keep the water where it belongs; in the shower.


Corner Shower Rod – Installation


A corner shower rod kit should have everything you need to install the curtain rod to fit with your bathtub and shower. You may need to have a few tools handy such as a few screwdrivers and caulk, if necessary. If you're drilling into tile things may be a big more tricky but most users have some drywall they can drill into to hang the pole from.

corner shower curtain rods

Depending on the size of the rod you order, you may need to purchase an extra long shower curtain to accommodate for the pole length. A standard shower curtain may come up short and you'll either have a gap at the front of the tub or at the back, making it easy for water to spill out. Shower curtains that are a bit longer are not much more expensive.


Measure everything before you attempt to buy a corner shower curtain rod kit online. Having your measurements handy will help you shop for exactly what you're looking for without having to worry about whether or not it will fit. The dimensions should be listed on the website you're purchasing from and if not, feel free to contact the manufacturer.


Also remember to read the contents section of the product. Many times what is featured in the display picture of the item may not be exactly what you're getting. You may need to purchase extra parts and accessories to complete the job. Expect to pay anywhere between $20 and $30 for a corner shower rod.