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Clawfoot Tub Shower



A clawfoot tub shower is a clawfoot tub that can also serve as a shower. A tub/shower of this type might come in a set, or it may come as just the tub that requires modification before you can make a shower out of it.

Sometimes, people turn existing clawfoot tubs into a clawfoot tub shower, but this process involves a little bit of work. A plumber or carpenter could do this work for you, but if you want to turn your tub into a shower, here are a few things to think about.

First of all, you need to consider the fact that water is only supposed to come into contact with a waterproof surface. This means that any exposed drywall needs to be covered with something that is more waterproof before you actually start to take showers in it. This can usually be accomplished by installing a clawfoot tub shower enclosure set.

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These sets run the necessary plumbing for a shower, but also offer you a way to surround the tub with a curtain so that taking showers does not cause water to spill out onto the floor. Shower enclosures of this type are pretty easy to find, and can be bought at any major home supply retail store.

They can also be ordered online. Buying a clawfoot tub shower enclosure like this can enable you to turn  your existing clawfoot tub into a shower, though if you are not very proficient at plumbing you may opt to hire a plumber to do it for you.

Another option to consider is to buy a clawfoot tub shower that already has everything you need right with it. This would be a good option for you if you are planning on replacing an existing tub. For instance, if you are remodeling and changing the bathroom, or if you have just moved into a new house and are planning on changing a lot of things out. In fact, buying a combination clawfoot tub shower right from the beginning might be the easiest way to accomplish the switchover.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that you check the internet for prices before buying. A lot of home outlet stores will match internet prices if you can find items cheaper. Therefore, checking online for prices can be a very good idea, even if you are not planning on buying from a website. Besides, buying locally can often get you a free delivery if you do not have the means to pick up the unit.

If you are in the middle of building a house, and are trying to decide whether you want a clawfoot tub shower or not, consider the fact that these units are as popular as they have ever been. Actually, they are coming back into style stronger with each passing year. Still, you need to put what you want into your new house, but these tub shower units are very roomy, very stylish, and relatively inexpensive.

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