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Buying Bathroom Vanities



So you are doing a bit of remodeling and are looking into the various bathroom vanity sets, so how do you know what is right for you?


There are several things that you need to keep in mind before shelling out the money for your upgraded bathroom.


You need to measure the area in your bathroom and figure out how much you want to go to the vanity sink.  Size is always the first major aspect to take into account, as few people will want to extend their bathroom just for the bathroom vanity.


So always, always, always measure and narrow down your decision through that to start.  It would be a shame to get your heart set on an item that you have no way to use. Small bath vanities are plentiful for those with small bathrooms.


Now it is time to get down to the meat of your decision.  You can buy a vanity sink with one vanity, or you can even get a double vanity sink which would be a “his” and “hers” vanity set(or his and his/hers and hers, whatever you preference). This is great for a married couple because this allows the man to have his side and the woman to have hers.

Underneath the vanity are cabinets so that he can have his products under the sink and there are cabinets under her side as well so she can store her make up, hair products and other unmentionables.  If you do not have a large amount of things to store within the bathroom, this might be a fact you can ignore.  A single bathroom vanity can surely hold an abundance of items for any single individual’s needs.

When it comes to sizes, there are a large number of variations to choose from. The dimensions for the double vanity is normally 70” W, 23”D, 36” H, with an 8” spread for the faucets. This is the perfect height so that you do not have to worry about straining your back. The weight for these size sets vary, but are normally not more than 300 lbs.

Single vanity sets range from as small as 27”x21”x33” to 50”x23”x33” and above.  The other options to take into account are widely up to your personal preference.


You can choose marble top, granite, and even wood topped.  Then it is time to choose you faucet, which can come in a number of options, and can be customized with chrome or stainless steel, depending on what you are looking for.


Taking in all of these options will lead to the perfect bathroom vanity for your house.  Do your best not to compromise, because this is a decision you will be living with for a long time to come.