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Tub Shower Combo


One way to maximize the space in your bathroom is to get a tub shower combo. If your bathroom has a small space, then this would definitely be a better option than having a tub and shower separately.


When you come home from work and would like to enjoy a dip in your bathtub or take a shower, then you need not worry with this combination. People living in apartments or small condo units would greatly enjoy the benefits of the tub shower combos. 


The tub shower combination came about because of the need to save space in the bathroom. A lot of people living in places with small bathrooms often only have a shower or a bathtub in it. If both of them were present in the bathroom then the space would feel cramped.

Usually they would have to give up one for the other. Because of this, the tub and shower combination unit was developed. No longer do we have to give up one for the other, we could have them both present in our bathroom without the feeling of a cramped space.


If your bathroom space is limited, then getting a tub shower combination is an excellent option for you. Here is a simple guide to get you started in choosing the perfect combination unit to suit your needs.


If your house is currently being developed, then there would be little problem in getting a combination tub and shower. 


Most of the people who would like a tub and shower though are living in apartments or condo units. This means that a little remodeling in the bathroom is needed. To be able to install this enclosure unit perfectly, try to get a professional to do it for you. 

There are lots of choices for tub and shower enclosures available in the market. Most of them are modular in nature. All you have to do is install it in your bathroom. They may come as one piece or as sectional parts.



 tub shower combo

 tub shower combination

If you plan to purchase the one piece type make sure it would fit your door since you will have a difficult time in getting it in. Sectional tub and shower combos rarely have this problem since you would have to assemble all the parts inside your bathroom.



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tub shower combo

tub shower enclosure

tub shower combos 

 bath tub shower combo

 tub shower combination


Tub Shower Combination Units


Here are some important points to consider when choosing the right tub shower combos for you.



 bathtub shower combination

tub shower combos 

  • Measurement 

Get an estimate of the area where you would like your combination tub shower to be located. This way when you choose a specific model, try to check the measurements to see if it would fit in your bathroom. If you are unable to make a rough estimate, it would be wise to seek the help of a professional. They can definitely give you some estimates and would even recommend what’s better.      

  • Style 

When choosing the right bathtub shower combination, make sure the color blends with your bathroom. Try not to choose a color that would conflict with your bathroom tiles. Dull colors can make your bathroom naïve and can even spoil the setting. The same rule applies to the tub shower faucets that you get.

  • Quality 

Check if it is sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Most tub and shower combos have warranties, so check it out and see if it’s good. Do not sacrifice quality for price, if you see a cheap shower tub combo try to see if it is strong enough.

If after shopping for a tub shower combination in your area and still you haven't found one that would fit your needs then try to search for one online. The internet has lots of online stores that sell tub and shower units, even for clawfoot tubs, as well as just the shower enclosures. Enjoy online shopping and surprise yourself with some intricate designs combined with lovely colors. 

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